Rubber band production technics

Basically a rubber band consists of an extruded natural rubber tube which is cured or vulcanised and cut to the size required by the customer.

The diameter, thickness and colour of the tube is decided according to the customer’s requirements. The rubber tube is cured on aluminium mandrels of a fixed diameter, the availability of these mandrels determines the diameters that can be produced. The choice of the quality and dimensions influences the strength, stiffness and stretch properties of the finished product. This determines how easy it is to use the product.

Natural rubber has exceptional properties of strength and stretch. In some specialised applications it is necessary to vary the rubber content so as to vary the properties of the final product.

Generally the natural rubber content is replaced by an inert lower cost material. This variation reduces these physical properties of stretch and strength but also reduces the weight cost which is important in some markets.

As with all such cases where there is a large number of variables we are well equipped to calculate the optimum balance of cost and the performance the user requires.

Our laboratory is equipped to carry out many active and passive tests on the product in accordance with ASTM, BS, DIN and ISO standards. These tests enable us to control quality, analyse customer’s samples and propose the best solutions.

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