Monoflex polypropylene bungee ropes

Features and benefits

  • Widely appreciated for its excellent quality/price ratio.

  • The best all around product in our range for its global high performance

Technical specifications

  • Solid natural rubber core with UV protection
  • High tenacity polypropylene yarn with added UV protection
  • Carton format: A =max. 30 cartons per Euro pallet

  • Carton format: B =max. 40 cartons per Euro pallet
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Stock range and packaging

5 mmWhite100 m8 /AW5505WI
5 mmBlack100 m8 /AW5505NO
6 mmWhite100 m8 /AW5506WI
6 mmWhite/blue fleck100 m8 /AW5506WI/BL
6 mmBlack100 m8 /AW5506NO
6 mmGrey100 m8 /AW5506GI
6 mmBlue100 m8 /AW5506BL
6 mmGreen100 m8 /AW5506VE
6 mmRed100 m8 /AW5506RE
6 mmYellow100 m8 /AW5506YE
8 mmWhite100 m4 /AW5508WI
8 mmWhite/blue fleck100 m4 /AW5508WI/BL
8 mmWhite/blue fleck50 m4 /AW5508WI/BL/50
8 mmBlack100 m4 /AW5508NO
8 mmGrey100 m4 /AW5508GI
8 mmBlue100 m4 /AW5508BL
8 mmGreen100 m4 /AW5508VE
8 mmRed100 m4 /AW5508RE
8 mmYellow100 m4 /AW5508YE
10 mmWhite100 m2 /BW5510WI
10 mmWhite/blue fleck100 m2 /BW5510WI/BL
10 mmWhite/blue fleck50 m4 /AW5510WI/BL/50
10 mmBlack100 m2 /BW5510NO
10 mmBlack50 m4 /AW5510NO/50
10 mmBlue100 m2 /BW5510BL
10 mmGreen100 m2 /BW5510VE
10 mmRed100 m2 /BW5510RE
10 mmYellow100 m2 /BW5510YE