Bungee loops with ball ties

Features and benefits

  • Loops in elastic cord fitted with a plastic ball
  • High tensile bungee cord
  • Minimum variation in elasticity to ensure uniform tension
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Fixing of tents or marquees to the structure
  • Securing tarpaulin covers

Technical specifications

  • 6 mm MultiflexTM elastic cord
  • Polyethylene high wear and U.V. resistant yarn
  • Stainless steel staple
  • Polypropylene ball
  • Tested to support 250N (~25kgF)
  • Carton format: C = max. 36 cartons per Euro pallet


Stock range and packaging

Dia. Length Colour Units/bag Units/carton Reference
6 mm 18 cm Black 25     700/C W15618NO
6 mm 18 cm White 25     700/C W15618WI
6 mm 25 cm Black 25     500/C W15625NO
6 mm 25 cm White 25     500/C W15625WI

Length measured with ball included