Bungee loops with mini hooks

UV Resistance 3/5

Features and benefits

  • Hooks fitted with a security lock
  • The reduced size of the hook allows to minimize the space between the frame and the banner
  • Available with a white or black hook

Technical Specifications

  • 4 mm MultiflexTM elastic cord
  • Polyethylene high wear and U.V. resistant yarn
  • Stainless steel staple
  • A cold resistant nylon hook with glass fibre reinforcement
  • Tested to support 500N (~50kgF) before breakage
  • Carton format: =max. 36 cartons per Euro pallet
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4 mm20 cmBlack251000/CW18420NO
4 mm20 cmWhite251000/CW18420WI
4 mm25 cmBlack251000/CW18425NO
4 mm25 cmWhite251000/CW18425WI
4 mm35 cmBlack25800/CW18435NO
4 mm35 cmWhite25800/CW18435WI
4 mm50 cmWhite25500/CW18450WI
Length measured with hook included