Bungee loops with swivel ties

Picto Max Load 30KG

Features and benefits

  • Easy in and out of the eyelet
  • The swivel hook offers secure fixing
  • Colour fast
  • Range of colours to match your pool cover or banner

Technical specifications

  • Solid rubber core 6 mm MonoflexTM elastic cord
  • Polyethylene high wear and U.V. resistant yarn
  • White polyamide swivel hook
  • Tested to support 300N (~30kgF) before breakage
  • Carton format: A = max. 30 cartons per Euro pallet
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6 mm18 cmWhite501000/AW14618WI
6 mm20 cmBlue501000/AW14620BL
6 mm20 cmGreen501000/AW14620VE
6 mm20 cmGrey501000/AW14620GI
6 mm40 cmBlue50500/AW14640BL
6 mm40 cmGreen50500/AW14640VE
6 mm40 cmGrey50500/AW14640GI
Length measured without T-Bar included