Polyester elastic cord

Features and benefits

  • Monoflex black rubber inner core for 6, 8 and 10 mm diameter bungee cords, and Multiflex rubber core for the 4 and 12 mm.

  • Recommended for use in marine applications and industry.
  • Colour fast, doesn’t decay

Technical specifications

  • Natural rubber core with anti U.V. protection
  • Polyester yarn (PES) high tenacity
  • Carton format: A =max. 30 cartons per Euro pallet

  • Carton format: B =max. 40 cartons per Euro pallet

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Stock range and packaging

4 mmWhite/Black fleck100 m8 /AW6604WI/NO
6 mmWhite/Black fleck100 m8 /AW7006WI/NO
6 mmBlack100 m8 /AW7006NO
8 mmWhite/Black fleck100 m4 /AW7008WI/NO
8 mmBlack100 m4 /AW7008NO
10 mmWhite/Black fleck100 m2 /BW7010WI/NO
10 mmBlack100 m2 /BW7010NO
12 mmWhite/Black fleck50 m4 /AW6612WI/NO/50