Marine and extreme conditions shock cord

Monoflex polyester (PES)


Marine usage: Boat protection covers - Retention of sails - Storage of accessories - Safety nets

Transport: Tarpaulins for trucks and trailers

Sport and leisure: Winter covers for swimming pools

Camping: Awnings and tents 

General industry: Covers and safety nets for ponds - Protective nets for storage

Fruit and horticultural industry: Anti-birds nets - Hail protection nets - Anti-insect nets - Frost protection covers

Aquaculture: Oyster crates

This extreme conditions shock cord has the highest U.V. and abrasion resistance of our range, which makes it a perfect fit for marine or all outside heavy work.

The best option for extreme conditions; the PES elastic cord has an inner core with added U.V. agents and a PES braided cover that protects the rubber from ultra violet radiations. This shock cord is perfectly suited for outdoor uses combined with, for example, sun protection for agriculture or aquaculture. 

Abrasion resistance is one of the W70 PES shock cord main features. Designed to be used in marine conditions, it can suffer high friction without decaying.


The inner core unique feature of W70 PES keeps the shock cord round when cut. The PES outer covering allows for a soft touch and an easy to bend shock cord perfect for making knots on boats or for general storage.


Good pulling – return force is a must when you use shock cords on a boat or in industrial fields where high strengths are needed and Monoflex PES shock cord offers just that.


When it comes to strength at breaking point, W70 has the best results in our range. High strength at break insures safety when using the PES elastic cord. The W70 will be perfect to maintain material where difficult weather conditions and high strains can be met.


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4 mm White/Black fleck100 m8 /AW6604WI/NO
6 mmWhite/Black fleck100 m8 /AW7006WI/NO
6 mmBlack100 m8 /AW7006NO
8 mmWhite/Black fleck100 m4 /AW7008WI/NO
8 mmBlack100 m4 /AW7008NO
10 mmWhite/Black fleck100 m2 /BW7010WI/NO
10 mmBlack100 m2 /BW7010NO
12 mmWhite/Black fleck50 m4 /AW6612WI/NO/50
Nominal diameter in mm 4 6 8 10 12
Yarn type 1000 Denier Polyester
Inner core Multi thread Mono thread Mono thread Mono thread Multi thread
Number of threads in the yarn 16 17 64 80 72
Colours White - Black
Net weight per 100 m in Kg 1.4 2.9 4.8 7.8 6 / 50m
Strength in N at 25% stretch 13 28 32 48 88
Strength in N at 50% stretch 16 37 44 62 110
Strength in N at 75% stretch 19 47 54 74 135
Strength in N at 100% stretch 23 58 69 89 160
Elongation at break in % 230 220 210 200 250
Strength at break in Newton 343 637 1314 1716 1880
Tolerance on stretch and break +/- 15 %
Range of use 25 to 75 % elongation


Type SPEC Denier Tenacity /denier Elongation % Hot air Shrinkage % 177°C 2 minutes Interlace Twist Testing method of 3, 4, 5: 
FR2106PO 1000D/192F/RAW White 1000 +/- 15 9.10 +/- 0.3 14.00 +/- 2.0 9.50 +/- 1.50 yes 0 ASTM-885