Classic multi thread elastic cord

Multiflex polyethylene (PE)

MULTIFLEX Logo registered trademark


General industry: Lifting - Lashing - Protective tarps and nets / safety for scaffolding - Protective nets for storage - Winter cover for pools

Transport: Tarpaulins and covers for trucks and trailers

Advertising: Tarpaulins, banners and billboards - Flags 

Events: Marquees and tents

The classic multithread shock cord provides a high resistance to abrasion for high friction tasks such as holding truck tarps.

Due to its PE outer covering and U.V. resistant agents in its core, the classic Multiflex will be great for all kind of uses indoor and outdoor.


Covered with PE, the Multiflex W65 has the best resistance to abrasion in our stock range, enabling this heavy duty shock cord to be used in a variety of industrial fields where high friction can be applied.


The W65 has a multi threads rubber inner core. It will have a section that tends to open up when cut which could make it harder to add fittings. The PE outer covering has a tough touch that is hard to bend and to make knots.


The Multiflex PE shock cord has a high pulling/return force. This classic shock cord is a perfect match for heavy duty uses in industry such as holding truck tarpaulins or advertisement banners.


Having a high strength before breaking insures security for workers and prevents incidents with goods.


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4 mmWhite100 m8 /AW6504WI
4 mmBlack100 m8 /AW6504NO
6 mmWhite100 m8 /AW6506WI
6 mmBlack100 m8 /AW6506NO
6 mmBlue100 m8 /AW6506BL
6 mmGrey100 m8 /AW6506GI
8 mmWhite100 m4 /AW6508WI
8 mmBlack100 m4 /AW6508NO
8 mmGrey100 m4 /AW6508GI
8 mmBlue100 m4 /AW6508BL
8 mmGreen100 m4 /AW6508VE
8 mmRed100 m4 /AW6508RE
10 mmWhite100 m2 /BW6510WI
10 mmBlack100 m2 /BW6510NO
Nominal diameter in mm 4 6 8 10
Yarn type Polyethylene
Number of threads in the yarn 16 48 64 64
Colors Black - White - Green - Blue - Grey - Red
Net weight per 100 m in Kg 1.1 2.5 4.7 7.2
Strength in N at 25% stretch 11 22 29 65
Strength in N at 50% stretch 14 30 49 87
Strength in N at 75% stretch 18 43 63 107
Strength in N at 100% stretch 24 72 90 128
Elongation at break in % 230 190 230 230
Strength at break in Newton 284 627 961 1069
Tolerance on stretch and break +/- 15 %
Range of use 25 to 75 % elongation

Outer covering:  Polyethylene 650 denier monofilament yarn CAS No. 9002-88-4. Incompatible materials: Strong oxidizing agents.                                                       Nonhazardous to environment under normal usage. 

                                 UV. resistant tests: Polyethylene yarn stable under UVB-313 / 144h, exposure conditions 8h cycles @ 60 ° / 4h @ 50. 

                                 Wear and abrasion: Tested ISO 12947-2 Over 4000 cycles before first signs of damage. 

Inner core:            Multi thread of natural extruded rubber with anti UV agents