Multiflex polypropylene flat elastic tape



Features and benefits

  • Available in three widths: 11, 16 and 22 mm.
    They respectively correspond in performance to the round elastic cables of 6, 8 and 10 mm in diameter.
  • In contact with a flat surface the force of flat cable is distributed over a larger area than with round cables. This avoids the possibility of a fragile surface shearing and helps the flat cord to stay in confined places.
  • Flat elastics are easier to sew into various fabric supports.
  • The small 3 mm thickness to facilitate application where a
    limited space is necessary.

Technical specifications

  • Multifilament core in natural rubber with anti-U.V agents
  • Polypropylene textile yarn, woven and sewn, resistant to U.V.
  • Carton format: A =max. 30 cartons per Euro pallet

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Stock range and packaging

Width Thickness Colour Sales unit Unit/carton Reference
11 mm 3 mm Black 100 m 8        /A FT5010NO
16 mm 3 mm Black 100 m 4        /A FT5016NO
22 mm 3 mm Black 100 m 4        /A FT5022NO