Flat elastic tape

Multiflex polypropylene (PP)

MULTIFLEX Logo registered trademark


General industry: Lashing - Sewed onto mechanical systems - Strapping goods

Sport and leisure: Bicycle tensioner - Storage of accessories - Safety nets - Clothing

This 3mm flat elastic tape matches our round shock cords pulling/return force but with the aim to be sewed on various fabrics and to distribute the force to avoid shearing. Our 3 stock widths: 11, 16 and 22mm correspond respectively in pulling strengths to the round elastic cables of 6, 8 and 10mm diameter.

UV Resistance 3/5

With its PP cover and anti U.V. agents in its core FT50 can be used inside or outside, although it’s larger surface increases its exposure to UV. To maximize its longevity we recommend not exceeding 50% elongation when used outside (150% of its original length).

Its larger width exposes the elastic tape to more wear than round shaped shock cords.


Its flat design makes FT50 perfect to hold material with soft edges as it has an increased contact surface which will help to avoid shearing. Easy to bend and cut, this flat shock cord is perfect for any industrial uses.

The Multiflex flat elastic tape has a strong pulling/return force and with its flat shape the strength is distributed across its width.


FT50 will have enough strength to be used with safety thanks to a strong PP outer covering.


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11 mm3 mmBlack100 m8 /AFT5010NO
16 mm3 mmBlack100 m4 /AFT5016NO
22 mm3 mmBlack100 m4 /AFT5022NO
Nominal width in mm 11 16 22
Yarn type 900 Denier Polypropylene
Thickness in mm 3 3 3
Colors Black - Blue - Grey - Red - Green
Net weight per 100 m in Kg 2.4 3.5 4.7
Strength in N at 25% stretch 30 26 58
Strength in N at 50% stretch 40 38 81
Strength in N at 75% stretch 52 56 108
Strength in N at 100% stretch 69 102 147
Elongation at break in % 250 285 250
Strength at break in Newton 610 1050 1421
Tolerance on stretch and break +/- 15 %
Range of use 25 to 50 % elongation


  Denier Linear density Break tenacity Breaking strength Breaking elongation Elongation CV Oil Content
Unit D dtex Cn/dtex N % +/- %
Test Value 900 1015 3.4 34 33 2.8 2

 Inner core:            Multi thread of natural extruded rubber with anti UV agents