Premium Pallet Bands

The Premium pallet band was designed for extended lifetime. The improved formula offers an increased UV resistance, a higher returning force and the buckle allows workers to adjust the strength if required.

The Premium pallet band will be perfect outdoor or indoor for a variety of uses such as holding cartons on pallets in warehouses or pallet covers outdoors.

If you need specific strengths or lengths, we can easily provide samples and custom-made lengths.



  • 80% natural rubber with good UV resistance
  • Extended life cycle
  • Tacky surface preventing the band to slip while using / putting around a pallet
  • Nylon buckle for adjustable length
  • Improved returning force for optimal stabilization of the load

Specific applications

  • Adjustable size/strength to suit your needs
  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • Extensive use
  • Stabilization of cartons on most common pallet sizes
  • Holding protection covers over pallets
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Stock range

Load weightPallet sizes cmColourCircumferenceWidthThicknessPackagingReference
Medium80 x 120 or 100 x 120Black1600 mm18 mm1.5 mm20 x 10 pieces E528001815
Heavy80 x 120 or 100 x 120Black1900 mm21 mm1.7 mm16 x 10 piecesE529502117


Resistance to U.V.Good
Force when fitted on
a pallet of 80x120cm
E52800181530 Newtons at 150% elongation
E52950211740N at 111%
Force when fitted on
a pallet of 100x120cm
E52800181535N at 175%
E52950211744N at 132%
Break strengthE528001815320N