Elastic cable production technics

Elastic cable consists of two essential elements, an inner rubber core and an outer covering. The inner core is natural rubber based and gives the product its stretch characteristics. 

The purpose of the outer covering is to colour the product, add strength and abrasion resistance and to protect the inner core from premature ageing. The outer covering can be manufactured from a variety of mainly synthetic hydrocarbon based yarns. The choice of yarn is determined by the use of the product.

The inner core can be either a solid rubber core or can be made up of many small diameter threads. Each offers distinct advantages, the ultimate choice depends upon considerations such as use, longevity and cost. The properties of the product can be modified to vary the stiffness and strength and to improve UV resistance, and thus the longevity of the cable.

Our laboratory is equipped to carry out many active and passive tests on the product in accordance with ASTM, BS, DIN and ISO standards. These tests enable us to control quality, analyse customer’s samples and propose the best solutions.