Flat bungee cords with two double wire hooks

Picto Max Load 80KG

Feature and benefits

  • Double wire hooks for higher strength
  • Flat shape hook for easy fastening
  • Rounded hook ends reduce the risk of damage
  • Flat elastic bungee reduces slippage and secures your load
  • Larger contact area lowers risk of damage to fragile packing
  • Color-coded to identify the length

Technical specifications

  • 22 mm wide MultiflexTM flat elastic tape
  • Equivalent force as a 10mm diameter bungee cord
  • Polypropylene U.V. resistant yarn
  • Tested to support 800N (~80kgF) before breakage
  • Carton format: A =max. 30 carton per Euro pallet
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22 mm60 cmBlk + yellow10300/AFT252260YE
22 mm80 cmBlue10250/AFT252280BL
22 mm100 cmGrey10200/AFT252100GI
22 mm150 cmRed10150/AFT252150RE
Length measured with hooks included