Superior stretch rubber bands

With 97% natural rubber content, the superior stretch pallet bands can be pulled up to 8 times its original length. With its high elongation, the A10 range is a small rubber that has a lower unit price than other pallet bands.

The high specifications of this product make it the preferred industrial choice, especially for automated placement on production lines. 



  • 97% natural rubber
  • Superior elongation
  • High breaking force
  • Made without joints
  • Approved for contact with foodstuffs

Specific applications

  • Holds palletized soft cartons and delicate packaging
  • Stabilizes cartons and corner protection pieces during manual or automated pallet film wrapping
  • Holds in place protective parts for shipping
  • Keeps open carton flaps during filling
  • The high specifications of these bands are designed to fit perfectly into an automated production line where the bands are placed on pallets by machine
  • This product is available in a heat resistant quality
  • The high elasticity and suppleness of this product makes it an ideal exercise band
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Load weightPallet sizes cmColourCircumferenceWidthThicknessPackagingReference
Light80 x 120 and 100 x 120Mauve960 mm10 mm1 mm10 x 100 piecesA1048010L
Medium80 x 120Red960 mm20 mm1 mm10 x 50 piecesA1048020L
Heavy80 x 120Yellow960 mm30 mm1 mm10 x 30 piecesA1048030L


Resistance to U.V.Low
Force when fitted on
a pallet of 80x120cm
A1048010L16 Newtons at 317% elongation
A1048020L32N at 317%
A1048030L48N at 317%
Force when fitted on
a pallet of 100x120cm
A1048010L21N at 358%
Break strengthA1048010L380N