The advantages of using pallet bands

A reusable solution, easy and quick to fit, an efficient and economical way to secure pallets or a variety of oversized products

  • Ergonomic
    Easy to place, with a non-restrictive posture.

  • Waste reduction
    the bands are reusable many times, as opposed to common methods of palletising

  • Cost savings
    No expensive equipment necessary for its use

  • Quick to place and remove
    easy on, easy off in just seconds

  • Facilitates order preparation or picking
    Packages are accessible by simply lowering the rubber band on the pallet. The elastic can be used to hold large cartons open.

  • Reduces the risk of work-related accidents
    and minimises material damage caused by cartons falling. Reduces displacement and increases the stability of goods subject to vibration during pallet transport or during sudden deceleration.

  • Ideal for the food industry
    as an alternative to plastic stretch film; the pallet bands allows air to circulate around the consumables, avoiding conditions favourable to the appearance of molds and other germs.

A precious ally for the unloading of your bulk loaded containers

To keep the cardboard flaps down and facilitate filling or access to goods

Allows a 30% angle of inclination of the pallets with a  single suitable elastic