The advantages of using pallet bands

A reusable solution, easy and quick to fit, an efficient and economical way to secure pallets or a variety of oversized products
  • Ergonomic easy to place,
    with a non-constraining posture.

  • Waste reduction
    elastics are reusable, unlike traditional palletizing methods.

  • Economic
    no expensive equipment required for its use.

  • Quick installation and recovery
    the elastic can be removed and replaced in seconds.

  • Facilitates the preparation
    of orders or picking parcels are accessible by simply lowering the elastic on the pallet.

  • Reduces the risk of workplace accidents
    and minimizes material damage due to falling boxes by securing goods. Reduces movement and increases the stability of goods subjected to vibrations during pallet transport or during sudden deceleration.

  • Ideal in the food industry
    as an alternative to plastic film; the palletizing elastic allows air to circulate around the consumables, preventing conditions conducive to the growth of mold and other germs.

A valuable ally for the unloading of your bulk sea containers


The elastic keeps the cardboard flaps and facilitates access to the goods


Allows a 30° angle of inclination of the pallets with only one suitable elastic