Monoflex polyethylene bungee cord


General industry: Lifting - Lashing - Protective tarpaulins and nets / safety for scaffolding - Protective nets for storage

Transport: Tarpaulins for trucks and trailers

Advertising: Tarpaulins and banners - Flags

Events: Marquees and tents

This high abrasion and U.V. resistant shock cord was designed with a single Monoflex core, simplifying its use when fitted through tarp eyelets or assembling fittings

The 650 denier polyethylene covering and the monofilament with anti U.V. agents in its core makes this shock cord a great choice for outside work

W45 has the best grade when it comes to abrasion. The outer covering is made of polyethylene of 650 denier which provides the best protection against abrasion in our whole product range, insuring long life under tough conditions. This makes it a great product for industry

This shock cord offers standard comfort and flexibility. When cut the single thread rubber core keeps a nice round shape which simplifies the work when fittings are added or when the shock cord is passed through eyelets. Easy to fit hooks for tarps, banners or tie downs.

Monoflex polyethylene bungee cord has a high pulling force; this implies that the cord has a high resistance to stretch. The strong return force suits industrial uses such as safety nets, storage nets, lifting and lashing.

The strength at break is also amongst the high ones in our product range, meaning it will resist to a high pulling force before breaking, insuring security for workers and goods

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6 mmWhite100 m8 /AW4506WI
6 mmBlack100 m8 /AW4506NO
6 mmGrey100 m8 /AW4506GI
6 mmBlue100 m8 /AW4506BL
6 mmGreen100 m8 /AW4506VE
6 mmRed100 m8 /AW4506RE
8 mmWhite100 m4 /AW4508WI
8 mmBlack100 m4 /AW4508NO
8 mmGrey100 m4 /AW4508GI
8 mmBlue100 m4 /AW4508BL
8 mmGreen100 m4 /AW4508VE
8 mmRed100 m4 /AW4508RE
9 mmWhite100 m2 /BW4509WI
9 mmBlack100 m2 /BW4509NO
9 mmGrey100 m2 /BW4509GI
9 mmBlue100 m2 /BW4509BL
9 mmGreen100 m2 /BW4509VE
9 mmRed100 m2 /BW4509RE
10 mmWhite100 m2 /BW4510WI
10 mmBlack100 m2 /BW4510NO
10 mmGrey100 m2 /BW4510GI
10 mmBlue100 m2 /BW4510BL
10 mmGreen100 m2 /BW4510VE
Nominal diameter in mm 6 8 9 10
Yarn type Polyethylene
Number of threads in the yarn 48 64 64 64
Colors Black - White - Green - Blue - Grey - Red
Net weight per 100 m in Kg 2.1 4.22 6.1 7.54
Strength in N at 25% stretch 21 31 53 64
Strength in N at 50% stretch 31 41 71 88
Strength in N at 75% stretch 44 51 92 110
Strength in N at 100% stretch 76 64 128 147
Elongation at break in % 190 230 200 200
Strength at break in Newton 618 961 1049 1098
Tolerance on stretch and break +/- 15 %
Range of use 25 to 75 % elongation

Outer covering:  Polyethylene 650 denier monofilament yarn CAS No. 9002-88-4. Incompatible materials: Strong oxidizing agents.                                                       Nonhazardous to environment under normal usage. 

                                 UV. resistant tests: Polyethylene yarn stable under UVB-313 / 144h, exposure conditions 8h cycles @ 60 ° / 4h @ 50. 

                                 Wear and abrasion: Tested ISO 12947-2 Over 4000 cycles before first signs of damage. 

Inner core:            Mono thread of natural extruded rubber with anti UV agents