Bungee cords with Easy loop fitting

Features and benefits

  • Adjustable loop available in 2 lengths 60 and 100 cm
  • Easy to clip in and out with “crocodile clip”
  • Crocodile clip already fitted
  • Tighten as required to ensure a non-slip load
  • Attractive colour assortment ideal for retail
  • Several lengths can be joined to reach the required size

Technical specifications

  • Solid rubber core MonoflexTM shock cord
  • Polypropylene U.V. resistant yarn
  • 6 mm hooks are tested to grip to 250N (~25kgF)
  • 8 mm hooks are tested to grip to 350 N (~35kgF)
  • Carton format: C = max. 36 cartons per Euro pallet
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Stock range and packaging

6 mm60 cmBlack100500/CW11660NO
6 mm60 cmColours100500/CW11660ASS
6 mm60 cmBlue100500/CW11660BL
6 mm60 cmRed100500/CW11660RE
6 mm60 cmGreen100500/CW11660VE
8 mm100 cmBlack100200/CW118100NO
8 mm100 cmColours100200/CW118100ASS
8 mm100 cmBlue100200/CW118100BL
8 mm100 cmRed100200/CW118100RE
8 mm100 cmGreen100200/CW118100VE

Crocodile clips also sold separately

6 mm45 mmBlack1001000/CW0076
8 mm59 mmBlack1001000/CW0078
Colours : assortment of 3 colours per carton from blue, grey, red, green or yellow
Length measured with clip included