Heavy duty elastic bands


  • MultiflexTM flat elastic tape
  • Textile sheath woven and sewn
  • Excellent resistance to shear, wear and U.V.
  • Little elongation needed to exert a significant force
  • Reusable numerous times
  • Wide range of colors and color combinations available
  • Customisable length for your specific requirements
  • Ask for our elastic assembling kit for testing and determining the ideal size for your needs

Specific applications

  • Stabilisation of heavy loads
  • Securing barrels, plastic crates, and other solid loads
  • Suitable for long-term outdoor use
  • Ideal for securing shipments during road transport
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Our stock items

Reference Circumference Width Thickness Packaging Colour Pallet sizes cm Load
FT6011140RE 2800 mm 11 mm 3 mm 10 x 10pieces Red 80 x 120 and 100 x120 Medium
FT6016150BL 3000 mm 16 mm 3 mm 10 x 10 pieces Blue 80 x 120 and 100 x120 Heavy
FT6022150GI 3000 mm 22 mm 3 mm 10 x 10 pieces Grey 80 x 120 Heavy


 Composition  Multiflex™ black rubber inner core protected against UV.Braided in high strength UV. resistant polypropylene
Resistance to U.V. High
Maximum elongation 250 %
Force when fitted on a pallet of 80x120cm FT6011140RE 27 Newtons at 43% elongation
FT6016150BL 35N at 33%
FT6022150GI 45N at 33%
Force when fitted on a pallet of 100x120cm FT6011140RE 34N at 57%
FT6016150BL 40N at 47%