Bungee cords with two classic hooks

Picto Max Load 40KG

Features and Benefits

  • High tensile elastic cable ideal for heavy duty applications
  • Extra-strong plastic coated steel hooks
  • Colour fast with good resistance to adverse weather

Technical specifications

  • Polyethylene high wear and U.V. resistant yarn
  • Available with 8 or 10 mm diameter elastic cords
  • Tested to support 400N (~40kgF) before breakage
  • Carton format: A = max. 30 cartons per Euro pallet
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8 mm40 cmBlack10280/AW12840NO
8 mm60 cmBlack10260/AW12860NO
8 mm60 cmGreen10260/AW12860VE
8 mm80 cmBlack10200/AW12880NO
8 mm80 cmBlue10200/AW12880BL
8 mm100 cmBlack10200/AW128100NO
8 mm100 cmGrey10200/AW128100GI
10 mm60 cmBlack10180/AW121060NO
10 mm60 cmGreen10180/AW121060VE
10 mm80 cmBlack10150/AW121080NO
10 mm80 cmBlue10150/AW121080BL
10 mm100 cmBlack10150/AW1210100NO
10 mm100 cmGrey10150/AW1210100GI
10 mm120 cmBlack10120/AW1210120NO
10 mm150 cmBlack1080/AW1210150NO
Length measured with hooks included