Small and large diameter shock cord

Multiflex polypropylene (PP)

MULTIFLEX Logo registered trademark


General industry: Lifting - Lashing - Protective tarpaulins and nets / safety for scaffolding - Protective nets for storage - Automatic doors - Anti-insect nets

Transport: Tarpaulins for trucks and trailers

Advertising: Tarps, banners and billboards - Flags

Events: Marquees and tents

Sport and leisure: Trampoline cords

Medical: Physiotherapist trampoline

The large and small diameter solution. 

With a PP outer covering, the W50 has a strong resistance to U.V. and will suit indoor or outdoor uses.


The PP covering offers good protection to abrasion, enabling the shock cord to be used in all types of situations. Its applications are various such as banner lashing for advertising to leisure purposes such as sports nets, protective nets, or bicycle tensioners.

Small diameters shock cords will be perfect for light duties and bigger diameters will suit heavy duties. Whichever one you need, the PP covering of this polyvalent shock cord offers good flexibility, allowing the W50 to be used easily through an eyelet or making knots.

The Multiflex PP bungee rope provides a high pulling force meaning it will not stretch too much when undergoing a pulling force.


The PP offers the best strength at break meaning it will be perfect for any industrial uses where safety is a must or when high forces and strains are applied.


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2 mmBlack100 m6 /BW5002NO
3 mmWhite100 m8 /AW5003WI
3 mmBlack100 m8 /AW5003NO
4 mm White100 m8 /AW5004WI
4 mmBlack100 m8 /AW5004NO
4 mmBlue100 m8 /AW5004BL
4 mmGreen100 m8 /AW5004VE
4 mmRed100 m8 /AW5004RE
4 mmYellow100 m8 /AW5004YE
12 mmBlack50 m4 /AW5012NO/50
12 mmWhite/blue fleck50 m4 /AW5012WI/BL/50
Nominal diameter in mm 2 3 4 12
Yarn type 900 Denier Polypropylene
Number of threads in the yarn 32 48 16 72
Colours Black - White - Green - Blue - Grey - Red - Olive Green
Net weight per 100 m in Kg 0.4 0.8 1.1 4.8
Strength in N at 25% stretch 3 9 13 71
Strength in N at 50% stretch 5 10 17 94
Strength in N at 75% stretch 6 12 23 114
Strength in N at 100% stretch 8 14 35 137
Elongation at break in % 210 250 230 260
Strength at break in Newton 108 147 323 1913
Tolerance on stretch and break +/- 15 %
Range of use 25 to 75 % elongation

Outer covering:   HIGH DENIER UV resistant INDUSTRIAL YARN

  Denier Linear density Break tenacity Breaking strength Breaking elongation Elongation CV Oil Content
Unit D dtex Cn/dtex N % +/- %
Test Value 900 1015 3.4 34 33 2.8 2

 Inner core:            Mono thread of natural extruded rubber with anti UV agents