Pictogram Legend

Picto Max Load 40KG

This pictogram indicates the maximum force that the product will support before showing signs of degradation. Each production batch is controlled in our laboratory.
The recommended range of use of our products is between 25 and 75% elongation.
This represents 1/4 to 3/4 in addition to the initial length of the elastic, which provides a large safety margin before reaching maximum strength

UV resistance represents the capacity of the product to resist attack from sun light. 
Level 1
is a low resistance to UV. The product will show signs of aging after 1 season outdoors.
Level 5
is a very high resistance to UV. Expected life time up to several years depending on exposure. Elongation in excess of our recommended stretch will reduce the product’s resistance to sunlight. Our products are tested under accelerated ageing to the ASTM standards.

Abrasion resistance is the ability of the product to withstand wear.
Level 1 has a poor resistance to abrasion. Only a few cycles could damage the product’s surface. 
Level 5
is a very high resistance to abrasion. Over 4000 cycles are possible before first signs of damage. ISO 12947-2 Wear and abrasion tester.

Ease of use of a product is when it offers comfort, flexibility, smooth handling and clean cut.
Level 1
: When the product requires more attention and manipulation efforts.

Level 5: Knots are solid, easy twisting, folding and cutting.

Pulling force is the amount of effort required to stretch the elastic.
Level 1: The product will stretch with a minimum of effort.
Level 5: The highest modulus of elasticity from our range – maximum resistance to elongation. Performance results are based on our internal tension testing equipment.

Strength at break is measured at the failure point of the product.
Level 1
: The force required to break is the lowest.

Level 5: The ultimate tensile strength.
Based on our internal tension testing equipment.