Ecoflex polypropylene shock cord


Features and benefits

  • This quality stands out for its lower price
  • None of the properties of our standard Monoflex PP. have been sacrificed. By altering the balance between the rubber and the braid our engineers have added low stiffness which facilitates use whilst maintaining the breaking strength and U.V. resistance.

Technical specifications

  • Solid natural rubber core with UV protection.
  • High tenacity polypropylene yarn with added UV protection
  • Carton format: A =max. 30 cartons per Euro pallet
  • Carton format: B =max. 40 cartons per Euro pallet

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Stock range and packaging

Diameter Colour Sales unit Unit/carton Reference
6 mm White 100 m 8 /A W5606WI
6 mm Black 100 m 8 /A W5606NO
6 mm Nato green 100 m 8 /A W5606OG
8 mm White 100 m 4 /A W5608WI
8 mm Black 100 m 4 /A W5608NO
8 mm Nato green 100 m 4 /A W5608OG
10 mm White 100 m 2 /B W5610WI
10 mm Black 100 m 2 /B W5610NO
10 mm Nato green 100 m 2 /B W5610OG