Classic Pallet Bands

These pallet bands, made of 80% natural rubber, are widely used in warehouses to consolidate and stabilize pallet loads. Thanks to an extensive range, you will find a classic pallet band with perfectly suited length and strength ratio for each use - making it easy to fit.



  • 80% natural rubber
  • High elongation
  • For indoor or short-term outdoor use
  • A choice from a large range of dimensions and colors
  • User friendly


Specific applications

  • Stabilization of cartons on all type of pallet sizes
  • Holding protection blankets for furniture movers
  • Holding protective covers over goods


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Stock range

Load weightPallet sizes cmColourCircumferenceWidthThicknessPackagingReference
Light/Medium80 x 120Green1300 mm19 mm1,6 mm20 x 10 piecesE516501916
Medium80 x 120Red1680 mm22 mm2 mm10 x 10 piecesE51840222
Medium80 x 120 and 100 x 120Blue2000 mm25 mm2 mm7 x 10 piecesE511016252
Medium/heavy100 x 120 and 120 x 120Blue2400 mm25 mm2,5 mm5 x 10 piecesE5112002525
Heavy80 x 120 and 100 x 120Black1800 mm40 mm1.8 mm6 x 10 piècesE519004018


Resistance to U.V.Low
Force when fitted on
a pallet of 80x120cm
E51650191627 Newtons at 208% elongation
E5184022230N at 138%
E51101625230N at 100%
E51900401843N at 122%
Force when fitted on
a pallet of 100x120cm
E51101625232N at 120%
E511200252533N at 83%
E51900401848N at 144%
Break strength E516501916250N