• Optimizing load stability and security

Usage advises:

  • Most pallet loads can be stabilized by using a single suitable size of rubber band. The use of two pallet bands may be an advantage for unstable pallet loads.
  • In the case of high pallets, place the elastic halfway up and then raise it after completing the pallet.
  • Usable several times, however the product should be replaced at the first signs of wear.


  • Can be combined with conventional palletizing solutions for optimal security: stretch film, cardboard corner profiles, protective covers, automatic wrapping machine, etc...
  • When the rubber bands are used in a very cold environment, the heat allows regaining the original size thanks to the shape memory of natural rubber.
  • For particularly unstable pallet loads a sheet of carton material between one or two layers will assist stabilization
  • In order to improve the security of your loads, make sure that the elements on the pallet are uniform.
  • When loading up of disparate elements of very different sizes and weights, place wider and heavier elements at the base of the pallet.

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Any questions regarding the use of elastic bands for pallets, please do not hesitate to ask for samples to conduct a test and let us know your feedback. If the items of our range of stock are not appropriate for your needs we will offer you a made to measure solution.