• Optimizing load stability and security

Usage recommendations:

  • Most pallet loads can be stabilized by using a single suitable size of rubber band. The use of two pallet bands may be an advantage for unstable pallet loads.
  • In the case of high pallets, place the elastic halfway up and then raise it after completing the pallet.
  • Most of our pallet bands are usable several times, however the product should be replaced at the first signs of wear.
  • Supply chain essential product, our high-quality pallet bands are suitable for cargo stabilization during internal transport and storage of goods up to external road transport for direct deliveries. 


  • Can be combined with conventional palletizing tools to optimize loading stability and durability: stretch film, cardboard corner profiles, protective covers, automatic wrapping machine, etc...
  • When the rubber bands are used in a very cold environment, rubber tends to harden; the heat allows regaining the original size thanks to the shape memory of natural rubber.
  • For particularly unstable pallet loads, a sheet of carton material between one or two layers will assist stabilization
  • To improve the safety of your loads, distribute the goods optimally according to their size and weight. Heavier and larger products should be at the bottom of the pallet.

Contact us

for any information or questions regarding the use of pallet elastics. Do not hesitate to ask for samples to carry out your tests and give us your feedback. If our stock range items do not meet your needs in terms of strength, dimensions or colours, we will offer you a custom-made solution.



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2 pallet bands to ensure securizing load
Pallets secured with large rubber bands for internal storage in warehouse