Wide section grey rubber bands

Features and benefits

  • High strength and elasticity
  • Quality specially developed for its non-staining properties
  • Commonly used between tents and tent pegs
  • Suitable for maintaining light indoor advertising banners

Technical specifications

  • Composition: Natural rubber with non-staining U.V. inhibitors
  • 60% natural rubber content
  • Tested to 325N (~32kgF)
  • Section of 5 x 5 mm
  • Carton format: D =max. 48 cartons per Euro pallet
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Stock range and packaging

51 mm80 mm5 mm5 mm 2000 /DH5408055
77 mm120 mm5 mm5 mm 1200 /DH5412055
90 mm140 mm5 mm5 mm 1200 /DH5414055
114 mm180 mm10 mm2 mm 1000 /DH54180102
‘’S’’ hooks sold separately