Standard® rubber bands for the retail market

Features and Benefits

  • 60% rubber content
  • Gloss finish, bright colours
  • Can be produced with customers own header labels
  • Selection of attractive colors and dimensions most commonly used for everyday applications
  • Ideal for home, school or office use


Complies with rules concerning food contact suitability

Product made of natural rubber harvested in the form of latex from rubber tree Hevea Brasiliensis

Sensitive product to sunlight, store at normal temperature (-10 to 20°C) and away from direct sunlight

A B C D Stock list
Diameter mm Length mm Width mm Thickness mm Reference Colour Packaging
45/67 70/90 1,5/2 1 Q223701 Assorted Bag 50 g + header
45/67 70/90 1,5/2 1 Q333701 Assorted Window box 50g
Assorted (5 popular dimensions) Q523700 Assorted Bags 100 g + header
90 140 8 1 B23502000 Natural Bag 50 g + header