How to fit a pallet band

Step 1:

Secure the rubber band by wedging it under one of the cartons to be palletised. Check that the rubber band is well fixed by applying tension.

Step 2:

Start streching the rubber band by replacing yourself at the opposite corner of the pallet 

Step 3:

Continue by placing the rubber band on each edge of the pallet. Equalize the tension for an optimal result.

Step 4:

Finish by returning to your original position and fit the wedged end of the rubber band on the last corner of the pallet. Your pallet is now secured.

Pallet band precautions for use:

  • Stretch the elastic below shoulder level
  • Make sure one end of the elastic is secure before stretching
  • Do not use a rubber band that shows signs of wear
  • Avoid securing goods with rough or sharp edges

Follow this link for an illustrated video: